• Free Standing or Ceiling Mounted Signage Options
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  • Chillin Zone Sports
  • Chillin Zone Music
  • Healthy Starts
  • Market Fresh
  • Morning Munch
  • The Soup Bowl
  • Deli XPress

We developed our Cafeteria Signage Program because we believe that any central eating area is an excellent venue to educate students about nutrition and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

  • Select from our pre-made signage concepts or create your own!

  • Images can be utilized as Wall Mounted, Stand Alone or Serving Station Mounted signage.

  • Dairy, vegetables, fruits and whole grain imagery promote health & wellness.

  • Activity-related imagery in conjunction with photos of healthy food choices promote an active lifestyle.

  • Imagery of balanced meals, including good-for-you proteins, carbohydrates and dairy products encourages better nutrition.

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