Real Fresh Mexican Serving Line
Turlock High School
Turlock, CA

Turlock High School

Materials Used

Essence counters were modified to have sloped front panels with Corian solid surface countertops. The counter tops and front and side laminate colors were selected by an interior architect.

Multiteria can select from a wide array of materials to suit any project need!


“Turlock Unified School District wanted to drop you a note to tell you what a pleasure it has been working with you and Multiteria on my projects. I was 100% satisfied with the real fresh Mexican serving line, the quality of work was excellent, and I must say second to none. The finished product matched exactly with the drawings and specifications, which led to a superior end product. We are now waiting for the delivery of our real fresh deli line and our new cafeteria line with great anticipation. It has been exciting to work with a company such as Multiteria, as they met all of my expectations in service, quality and not to mention exceptional designs.”

Scott Soiseth
Director of Child Nutrition
Turlock Unified School District